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''The Soldier Poet''

Dramatized poetry performance based on Miltos Sachtouris' poems.

At Chelsea Theatre - 11th November 2023

On the occasion of Remembrance Day, “The Soldier Poet” is a multi-media performance inspired by the anti–war verse of the Greek surrealist poet Miltos Sachtouris.
The performance dramatizes 22 selected poems with which Sachtouris reacted to the 2nd World War and the subsequent civil war in Greece and which were written in the radical language of surrealism.
Through 22 projected corresponding images, the audience is taken on a journey of resistance to a truly absurd world which is dominated by death, trauma and the void of life.
The poems are an anti-war scream against the events of a distorted era – they are poetic spells intended to exorcise evil and pain and generate protest to the atrocities of war.


The animated film ‘I LOST THE WAY’, by the director and animator Panagiotis Rappas, will be shown during the performance.

Concept & Direction: Angeliki Petropetsioti 



Cellist: Noonie Minogue
Soprano: Klaudia Magdon
Paraskevi Bakis
Andreas Christodoulou
George Charlie
Aubin Stafford
Daniel Golding
The young girl: Darcie Aristidou
Juggler/Fire Performer: Antonis Pasvantis


Athanase Ververois, Emilianna Kafantari


Costume Designer: Eirini Kariori
Make Up Artist: Elena Zouma 
Translated from the Greek by: Lina Molfetas
Edited by: Elena Aresti
Composer for the poem "The mad hare" K. Pallikaropoulos
Voice over Production by: Hades
Cinema Direction: Pantelis Skourlas 
Video Editor: Gr. Stamou
Artwork "Entrapment" by: Ioanna Georgiou


Mirror Theatre
The performance is held under the auspices of the Greek Embassy in London. 



Sincerely Yours


The performance is based on theatrical extracts from Franz Kafka's letter to his father.

It is a testimony of the dramatic conflict between the father and the son. 

A literary masterpiece with talks about the "parental law".

Franz Kafka is fighting to make his own way always under his father "critical shadow"

Sincerely yours


Drayton Arms Theatre, March 2019


Adaptation & Stage Direction: Angeliki Petropetsioti

Performers: George Vafakis, Matias Di Masso

Visual Concepts: Spyridon Koskinas

Artwork by: Filippos Tsitsopoulos


Sincerely yours

-ANDIPA Gallery, Dec 2018


Adaptation & Stage Direction: Angeliki Petropetsioti

Performers: Constantin Symsiris, Ian Pink

Visual Concepts: Spyridon Koskinas

Artwork by: Filippos Tsitsopoulos


Youkali – The Pursuit of Happiness 


Inspired by Kurt Weill's setting of Roger Fernay's “Youkali”song ;


A journey, in three acts, through our different perceptions of what Happiness is; where it is found; and how we can keep it:

This nostalgic performance includes  specially chosen texts, poems and speeches; haunting songs and atmospheric music  played on

the piano accordion.

People cannot fail to be drawn into this musical journey in search of the Youkali that exists  within each of us. 


Youkali - The Pursuit of Happiness


-The Hellenic Centre, Nov 2018

-ANDIPA Gallery, Nov 2014 & Nov 2015 


Concept & direction: Angeliki Petropetsioti

Soprano: Danae Eleni

Acordion: Kimon Pallikaropoulos

Design Associate: Laurie Bamon

Photos by: Robert Workman

Artwork by: Spyros Georgas


Through a series of poems songs and live music, performers as immigrants narrate the events leading to their uprooting and

create an atmosphere of nostalgia for their homeland.



-ANDIPA Gallery, July 2014


Concept & direction: Angeliki Petropetsioti

Performers: Tania Batzoglou, Dimitis Raftopoulos, Angeliki Petropetsioti

Music: Kalia Baklitzanaki, Eleni Keventsidou

Costumes: Mayou Trikerioti 

Artwork by: Panagiotis Rappas

Angeliki has also curated and organised the following performances at the Andipa Art Gallery:

• ‘Candid’ by Tania Batzoglou and Vanio Papadelli, Jun 2015

 • ‘Song Recital’ by Kimon Palikaropoulos, Feb 2016

 • ‘Of the fire, of the wind and of the road without return’ by Stella Michael, Feb 2016

 • ‘England Folk Concert’ by Travellers, Kings and Foxes, Apr 2016

 • ‘Contemporary Music of Crete’ by Kalia, Jun 2016

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